Aroma steam bath

Getting under the skin

Two steam dispersal devices and the addition of natural aromas ensure that our aromatherapy bath also reaches the deeper layers of the skin and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. It has a particularly soothing effect in cases of respiratory tract disorders and rheumatism. And the icing on the cake: free ‘peels’ are offered several times a day in each of the steam baths.

The following aromas may be used:

EucalyptusPick-me-up. Stimulates the body and boosts concentration.
RosemaryStimulates the entire circulation. Activates the concentration and memory.
LavenderHas a soothing and relaxing effect. Also has a positive impact on sleep disorders.
MintHelps relieve mental and physical exhaustion.
ChamomileCalming effect. Prevents sleep problems and hypersensitivity.
LemonActivates the body’s own immune system. Beauty treatment for skin impurities.
OrangeFor a harmonious and balanced mood. Soothes tension in the body.